The Spanish betting regulator Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) has issued a new update for its Responsible Gaming Program. And according to their findings problem gambling will now be considered to be a mental disorder.

The change was approved by the Responsible Gaming Advisory Council (CAJR), and the associated measures are set to be rolled out during the next few months while the DGOJ pushes ahead with its campaign to promote safe gambling in the Spanish betting sector.

The first of the measures covers gambling addiction reclassification. The DGOJ and CAJR are planning to bring together a number of variables that will help the identification of problem gambling on the part of an individual. The DGOJ hope that this information will support wider4 decision-making as well as guiding policy in this sector and help to tackle other issues including the impact on Spanish society of problem gambling.

At the same time, the DGOJ is planning an in-depth examination of the existing General Registry of Access to Game Interdictions (RGIAJ), which is the main self-exclusion scheme in Spain. They will be looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of the scheme through operational or other changes.

In a statement commenting on the changes, the DGOJ said that it was important to examine the RGIAJ for any potential improvements, even though it was functioning well:

“Although the evaluation of the operation and results of the RGIAJ is highly satisfactory it is necessary to reflect on those aspects that require adaptations and improvements.”

They are also planning to set up what they described as an alert system that would be able to identify possible ID fraud at the point at which a player signs up to a Spanish operator.

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