Finland’s Ministry of the Interior has adopted an average loss cap of €500 for all gamblers in the country amid concerns over the risk of gambling harm. This cap will apply to Veikkaus, which is Finland’s sole gambling operator, offering online casino services.  

Online gamblers will now be subject to a monthly loss limit of €500. If that level is reached they won’t be able to gamble for the rest of the month.  Finnish officials have decided to introduce these steps to reduce possible gambling problems that may occur during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Average loss restrictions had been at €1,000 before those temporary regulations but the new rules will tighten the limits considerably. According to the government, the rules will apply to all online slots, online bingo, instant winning games and table games with the exception of poker. They are expected to be enforced from Friday May 1 and will remain in effect until at least the end of September.  

Veikkaus has also announced that it will place its raffle draws on hold until further notice. The producer is currently looking to concentrate on its main lottery products.  Finland’s monopoly gambling company acknowledged that online casino revenue has gone up after land-based outlets were shut down following the introduction of compulsory social distancing measures.   

One of Finland’s neighbours has also applied limits. On the other side of the Gulf of Bothnia, Sweden has also placed provisional limits on online gambling.  

Minister of Social Security Ardalan Shekarabi last week announced that weekly gambling will be capped at the equivalent of a little over £400. Digital bonuses will also be capped, and players will also have to set limits on their play time at the casino. Sweden’s limits on online casinos are set to remain in place until at least the end of 2020.

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