The UK gambling regulator will come under the spotlight on Tuesday when the UK Gambling Commission leadership gives evidence at a high-profile House of Lords hearing.

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) chairman Dr Bill Moyes and chief executive Neil McArthur are set to appear before a House of Lords Select Committee that is looking at the potential social and economic impacts of the UK betting sector. The session will last around two hours and will involve UKGC leaders answering questions from Committee members.

The session will be part of the ongoing investigation by the committee, which is led by Lord Michael Grade, into the sector, which ultimately could lead to an overhaul of the regulatory approach to the gambling industry. The two senior figures from the UKGC will be asked to explain its approach to regulation of the sector and will also be questioned on the UKGC’s relationship with betting companies, an issue on which the regulator has been criticised before.

Committee members have already criticised the UKGC for its decision to allow a leading industry firm, GVC Holdings, to lead its project on developing a Code of Conduct for player reward programmes, categorising this as a conflict of interest. The UKGC figures are likely to be questioned on this issue, as well as their approach to using penalties and monitoring the behaviour of betting firms.

Other areas of discussion are likely to include the ability of the UKGC to adapt to the fast-changing nature of the gambling sector, as new technology and products are unveiled.

Last week, the Committee heard from a number of top gambling companies, who emphasised the collaborative approach adopted by the industry and the regulator was the most effective. But UKGC leaders can expect significant criticism on the issue and will be pressed to reassure politicians and the public that the collaborative approach is capable of protecting consumers.

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