In it for the Monet Slot

In it for the Monet! is another slot game by Gamesys, which showcases a little sense of humour at the right times and has the perfect ingredients, which make it a fantastic slot game to play.   

Based on a French theme, this slot offers a chance to its players to win an unimaginable amount of £50,000. Previously known as Frederic vs. Francois, this game can be played with real money and can also be tried for free.  

The slot has five reels, which spin to form a winning combo for the player; it also has 15 pay lines in total. You can activate a pay line by adding a coin. The software of the game automatically recognises the winning combo and pays you accordingly. 

This slot has one of the best graphics and animation. The game play is visually rich and vivid, leaving a long lasting mark on the player. The soundtrack of the game is attractive and unique.  

Feeling low? This game is going to cheer you up for sure! 

You can play the game in three currencies-Dollars, Pounds and Euros.   

Some Useful Information 

  • You can choose to play between one and 15 pay lines.  
  • The minimum bet amount is 1p, which goes up to a maximum of 5p per bet.  
  • The highest win is awarded on selected pay lines. 
  • If you manage to win on other pay lines, the amount gets added.  
  • The pay table determines the amount, which needs to be paid to you. 
  • Highest combo pays the winnings. 
  • The paying procedure is left to right for normal symbols. 
  • The scatter symbol can appear anywhere. 
  • Scatter symbols, along with the bonus games get added to the win. 
  • There will be certain features, which will not be available when you choose Playing for Fun or Demo mode.  

How to Play In it for the Monet! Slot 

Here is a brief step-by-step breakdown of the game play, which will guide you and teach you the basics of this slot. 

Coin Size Selection 

The first step for you is to select the coin size. This can be a risky task, since the winnings depend on the coin size you’ve chosen. You also need to keep in mind the amount you can lose if the winning combo is not hit.  

The coin size value can be increased and decreased by (+) and (-) buttons respectively. 

Pay Lines Selection 

The game consists of 15 pay lines, hence, you can select one single line or choose to play with all 15. You can calculate your total bet amount by multiplying your coin size with the number of pay lines that you’ve selected.  

Spinning of the Reels 

Once you hit the Spin button, the reels start to spin. When the reels stop spinning, the software will try to identify all the symbols that appear and check to see for any winning combos. If you’ve managed to do that, then you will be rewarded.  

The same Spin button can also be used to stop the reels from spinning anytime in between, before they stop spinning automatically.  

The Fascinating Symbols of In it for the Monet! Slot 

A French-themed slot, the various symbols that you’ll come across while playing this slot are Mona Lisa, Frederic, Francoise, The Scream, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten, Monet (Wild), The Easel (Scatter) and Running Man (Scatter). 

Monet-The Wild Symbol 

The wild symbol in this slot is Monet. The wild symbol can act as a substitute for all the other normal symbols and has the power to form a winning combo.  

The wild symbol cannot substitute one of the scatter symbols, Running Man.  

If you manage to get five wild symbols on a single pay line, then you can walk away with some serious cash, which will be 10,000 times the coin size that has been selected! 

Easel and Running Man-The Scatter Symbols 

There are two scatter symbols in this slot-Easel and Running Man. Running Man symbol has the ability to not follow the ‘showing up in a line’ rule. In fact, it can show up anywhere on the five reels to help form the winning combo.  

Your winnings can be calculated by multiplying Running Man combo winnings into the number of coins that you’ve used in the bet.  

If you’re lucky enough to manage both, regular win and a scatter win, you will be paid in total for both the wins.  

On the other hand, Easel symbol can only show up on the first, second and third reels and help form the winning combo. Three Easel symbols showing up will enable the Painting feature, which is a bonus game.  

Easel symbol won’t reward you with any winnings, but will you enter the Painting Bonus Feature round.  

The Painting Bonus Feature Game 

When Easel symbols show up on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reels continuously, the Painting Bonus game gets activated.   

You need to click on the Easel symbols in order to know what is hidden behind that symbol. You can either win a certain number of free spins or multiplier values. 

The bets and pay lines remain untouched and unchanged. If you manage to get three Easels during the free spins, then the you will get additional free spins, where the spins which were won previously get added to the total.  

When this round is complete, you’ll be returned to the normal slot game and the bonus prizes get added to the initial winning total.  

Selecting Pay Lines 

You have the option of selecting the number of pay lines that you’d like to bet on. The pay lines appear coloured and multiply the coin size.  

There are three ways through which pay lines can be selected: 

  1. BET ONE option can be selected to add one more pay line and you can keep adding till the maximum numbers of lines are selected. 
  1. The coloured numbers can be selected, which are present at the side of the various reels.   
  1. BET MAX option will help you select the maximum pay lines, which are allowed per bet.  

When you choose to bet on more than one pay line, the chances of winning increases drastically! 

The Auto Spin Option 

Players can choose to sit back and relax and let the game make consecutive number of spins for you by selecting the Autoplay button. However, during bonus games, Autoplay will stop on its own.  

You can also select the Stop button if you’d like to stop the spinning of the reels. 

The first step is to select the number of pay lines and then you can hit the Spin button. The second step is to select Auto button, which can be found in the game controls and then select the number of automatic spins.  

Further customisation is also possible through advanced options. 

  • When you select ‘if single win exceeds’, then you can stop autoplay when the winnings go above a certain amount.  
  • When you choose ‘balance goes above’, then you can stop this feature when the total balance exceeds the amount set by you. 
  • When you pick ‘if balance goes under’, then this will stop when the total balance goes below the amount set by you.  
  • When you opt for ‘on any win’, this option will stop when you win.  

Return to Player or RTP  

The RTP of this game is 94.90%. It is calculated keeping in mind the players’ best decisions. The monthly return is between 94.50% and 95.00%. 

If the game takes 100 as bet, it manages to payout between the percentages mentioned above.  

The Final Verdict 

In it for the Monet! definitely has some tricks up its sleeve in the form of wild and scatter symbols. The payouts of the game are impressive too and the amount is huge!  

Graphics of In it for the Monet! slot are visually beautiful and better than most of the slot games because of its detailing and smooth usage of colours. The soundtrack makes the game play more interesting and enjoyable.  

The Painting Bonus Feature is one more interesting aspect of the game, since it manages to attract players with bonus prizes and takes them by surprise. 

Overall, the game is fun to play with easy game play, which can also be played by a novice. If you are one of those people, who are looking to try slot games for the first time, then this would not be a bad choice. 

Remember to bet safe and gradually increase your bet, once you are familiar with this slot and the other rules of the game. You can also try the game out for free, without taking the risk of losing money. However, some of the features may not be available in this mode, but players can learn a lot of things through this mode.  

If you are looking to break the monotony and do something adventurous, then this may help you get out of your comfort zone by taking you to a land of fantasies, where money attracts more money! 

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