With just over a week to go until the UK General Election, there are signs that the race may be tightening, with some bookmakers reporting that they have seen money coming in for Labour.

Although the opinion polls still show a significant lead for the Conservative Party, those polls have been tightening in recent days, and the average lead has fallen from the mid-teens to around 10%, which should still be enough to give the Conservatives an overall majority.

But there are signs that the Conservative support has levelled off, amid of series of negative headlines for leader Boris Johnston, including over his failure to attend the climate change debate held by Channel 4 last week and his apparent unwillingness to follow other party leaders in subjecting himself to a grilling by veteran political interviewer Andrew Neill on the BBC.

And it has been reported in one national newspaper that bookmakers are cutting their odds on a Labour majority. According to a spokesperson for Paddy Power punters had been backing Labour at 20/1 in this market, and in some places, their odds had dropped to 16/1.

The Labour Party still have a lot of work to do if they are to secure a majority, and a Conservative majority remains the overwhelming favourite in his market at 4/9 with many bookmakers, with a hung parliament rated as a 9/4 shot generally.

But although the drift towards Labour may have come too late to propel Jeremy Corbyn into office, there are signs that, as in the 2017 election, Corbyn’s ability to remain largely gaffe-free can work in his favour against a misfiring Conservative campaign. There are also signs that the Liberal Democrats have altered their strategy in recent days, focusing more heavily on their push in Conservative marginals, rather than attacking the Labour Party over Europe.

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