A legal wrangle over the ownership of a popular bingo company is set to drag on until January or February next year.

The dispute over the Liverpool-based Bongo’s Bingo will be resolved in 2020 after both parties involved in the dispute produced their final submissions at Manchester High Court. It is expected that judgement will be reached by the end of February at the latest.

Shua Ltd, run by Jonny Lacey and Joshua Burke are locked in an argument with local venue Camp and Furnace over who holds the rights to the popular bingo night. The venue is claiming that they should have the exclusive rights to host the event, and that they are entitled to a share of the profits.

But Lacey and Burke are adamant that they should retain ownership of the brand and that Camp and Furnace should not be allowed to run the event.

According to reports, the two devised the bingo entertainment while Burke was still working for Camp and Furnace, though he subsequently left in 2015. Since then Bongo’s Bingo has been a big success at venues across the country and has even been exported to Australia and Dubai.

No contract

Speaking on behalf of Camp and Furnace, Neil Berragan QC said that his client did not dispute the idea that Bongo’s Bingo was Mr Burke’s conception. But they argue that a similar event had already been set up in London in 2014. They also say that as he promoted the event in his role as their events co-ordinator, and that they provided the facilities for the event. The case, which got underway in September had already heard that there had been a deal between Camp and Furnace and Burke, under which the venue was entitled to a 15% stake in Bongo’s Bingo events taking place outside Liverpool. But no contract had been drawn up and a lawyer acting for Burke and Lacey said that the venue was constantly changing their story.

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