A leading gambling protection company has said that more could be done by gambling firms in offering protection to those who need help.

Jack Symons, the founder of Gamban, a company that develops gambling blocking software, said that player protection should be given a higher priority. His comments come in the same week that Gamban announced they were forming a partnership with the Lloyds Banking Group, which would give customers of Bank of Scotland, Lloyds and Halifax, the power to use the Gamban blocking system. But he said that although banks had worked hard on this area in recent times, the gambling industry itself must take more of the responsibility:

 “The regulators talk about innovation, but existing tools aren’t being used. To me, in terms of things that will actively help people, the wheel doesn’t always have to be completely reinvented. There are tools that are working and helping, they are just not being given the support they need.”

Symons said that although there were multiple technological tools that were available to tackle problem gambling, many UK firms were not taking the basic step of supporting a customer when they say that they have a gambling problem.

The partnership with Lloyds is a major step for Gamban, but other banks, including Santander and Barclays, are also working to offer gambling blocking tools to their customer base. Symons praised banks for the work they were doing on player protection, but he also said that others such as Internet Service Providers should also step up and play their part.

He added that he’d like to see these companies stepping in, particularly to prevent customers accessing illegal offshore gambling sites. He also said that Internet Service Providers could help to make it easier for customers to block all gambling sites.

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